The South-Chuya and Chikhacheva ridges, jeep tour: June – September

Holidays in the Altai mountains are ideal for active and creative people, those who are inspired by nature and fresh air, for people who love adventure and excitement. If this is about you, we invite you taking an intensive 12 days route with us and immersing yourself in the amazing atmosphere of Mountainious Altai.

Our route includes a trip in off-road jeep cars and hiking in the most amazing places of Altai. You will see the impregnable glaciers of the South Chuysky and Chikhacheva ridges, florishing valleys, turquoise lakes, that reflect the shining glaciers of the highest peaks of the republic.

We love our Motherland-Siberia, and we know a huge amount of amazing places that you are sure to love as soon as you see them.

Chuysky tract

Chuysky tract

Day 1: Gorno-Altaysk — Beliy Bom, Chuysky tract, the merger of rivers Chuja with Katun

We start from Gorno-Ataysk and on this day we will see the most beautiful places of the tract: Chuya merger with Katun, Chike-Taman and Seminsky passes. We are sure to stop and take pictures of these admiring places.

After dinner we get acquainted with members of our trip team, get some instructions from the guide and finally fall asleep with lots of positive impressions.

  • sunset at Chike-Taman pass
    sunset at Chike-Taman pass

Day 2: Climb to the radio-pole at Achik pass

We cross the Chuya river and climb up the mountain crossing several times the Syrnakh river on a multi-kilometer climb to the Achik pass, located at an altitude of 2045 m above sea level. An incredibly beautiful view of the snowy peaks of the North Chuysky ridge will open up for us. We will camp here, meet the sunset and dawn, enjoy a delicious dinner cooked on fire.

Terektinsky ridge

Terektinsky ridge

Day 3: Akkol river valley

After having rest we start for a new trip to explore the high-mountain desert and cosmic landscapes of the Kosh-Agach district. We will pass through Beltir village and find ourselves at the foot of the high and majestic peaks of the South Chuya ridge. On this day, we are waiting for real jeep adventures: ascents to the passes, breathtaking panoramas, river crossings and the constant change of mountain landscapes. We will drive along the very top of the ridge at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters and go down from the most beautiful and steep pass of the republic.

The third day of our trip will be remembered by you acquaintance with the valley of the Akkol river and the beautiful Akkul lake. This place will always remain in your heart, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to its beauty: the expanse of the lake reflects the snowy peaks of the Sofia glacier, from where the Akkol river flows.

Our camp will be located on the sandy shore of Akkul lake, surrounded by mountain ridges. You can wash away the fatigue in the healing water of the lake and admire the shining starry sky in the night.

Akkul lake, snowy peaks of the Sofia glacier

Akkul lake, snowy peaks of the Sofia glacier

Day 4: Sophia glacier

Today we wake up earlier and make a radial walk to the Sofia glacier, where we stop for a picnic on the bank of a glacial lake at the foot of snow-covered ridges and enjoy breathtaking views of the icy mountain peaks. We will have enough time to find good angles for landscape shooting, enjoy nature, have a bite and return to the camp by evening.

Akkol river valley, view of the Sofia glacier

Akkol river valley, view of the Sofia glacier

Day 5-6: Taldura river valley

We take off the camp and hit the road in the morning, because many adventures are awaiting us today! We are ready to explore the next beautiful place of the South Chuya ridge – the valley of the Taldura river with its incredible landscapes. We set up a camp on the bank of the pure river with a view of the snowy peaks of the Taldura glacier. We need rest , so the next day we will spend in a calm and relaxed mood, walking through the forest, taking a walk to the waterfall near the camp and to the surrounding hills, exploring beautiful places, enjoying the mountain air and delicious food that we will cook in the camp.

  • Taldura river valley
    Taldura river valley

Day 7: Karagem pass

On this day, we go to the Karagem pass to enjoy the beauty of the opening view to Katunsky ridge with the majestic and highest peak of the Altai mountains – Belukha mountain. In the evening we will return to Kosh-Agach and stay at the hotel.

  • view of the mountain peaks on the descent from the Karagem pass
    view of the mountain peaks on the descent from the Karagem pass

Day 8: Irbistu river valley

On this day we will reach one of the the most beautiful place of the trip, the Irbistu river and take a walk towards the peak of Irbistu.

The incredible beauty of these wild places with beautiful flowers on the mountain slopes will take your breath away. We will see the mountain Uch-Kol lake with the height of the mountain range.

We will stay there for the night to enjoy the sunset, Milky Way and sunrise at the million stars tent hotel.

  • The beginning of the walk to the top of the hill. View of the Irbistu river valley and mountain lakes.
    The beginning of the walk to the top of the hill. View of the Irbistu river valley and mountain lakes.

Day 9-10: Kindiktikul Lake

In the morning we will move towards the Mongolian border and turn left a few kilometers away from it to head towards the Chikhachev ridge, at the foot of which there is a beautiful turquoise Kindiktikul lake. We meet water crossings, barrows and stone sculptures from the time of the Pazaryk culture along our way. As we arrive, we set up a camp, make a fire and meet the sunset by the mysterious and amazing lake near mountains.

The next day we take a walk to the top of a hill nearby to admire the beauty of these places and enjoy beautiful views of the lake and the Chikhachev mountain ridge. The night in a camp at this altitude of 2000 meters is misterious by the huge and close starry sky.

  • sunset at Kindiktikul lake
    sunset at Kindiktikul lake

Day 11: Kindiktikul – Maliy Yaloman

On this day our journey begins in the opposite direction, we will reach and stop for the night at the base near Maliy Yaloman village, where we will take a sauna and enjoy dinner by the fire.

delicious dinner in a tourist pot

delicious dinner in a tourist pot

Day 12: Way to Gorno-Altaysk

We say goodbye to the mountains, have breakfast and fun on the way back to Gorno-Altaysk with comfort.

our car Delica in which we travell

our car Delica in which we travell

Promotional tour price:

Total expenses for one traveler in the group of 2 persons is only 1500 USD!
( in the group of 4-5 travelers- 1100 USD for one)

This amount includes:
⦁ All transfers: comfortable 4wd throughout all the ring trip;
⦁ Work of guide, interpreter, photographer;
⦁ Accommodation in the camping houses;
⦁ Tourist equipment;
⦁ Saunas;
⦁ Food for cooking on the route;
⦁ Excursion tickets